Steinbeis Azerbaijan MMC supports foreign companies in successfully conducting business in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region. To our clients in Azerbaijan we provide services to enhance their performance at both national and international levels. Our contribution includes functional and industry-specific expertise, actionable recommendations, trustworthy commitment, and know-how to increase value creation within companies while simultaneously overcoming challenges. Clients from both the private and public sectors benefit from our solutions, becoming faster, more innovative, and more resilient. Beyond the corporate sector, governmental and state institutions greatly benefit from our services, including training and knowledge transfer. These offerings ensure that all clients, spanning the private, public, and governmental sectors, become more agile, innovative, and resilient.

Our Core Expertise and Services


Strategic Consulting & Organizational Development: This includes analyzing and making company structures and processes more effective by utilizing all potentials and involving leadership and employees in creating strategic alternatives with practical solutions​​.


Innovation & Technology Management: Covering the ideation, evaluation, and development of new concepts until they are market-ready. Transfer visions into business.


Marketing, Sales & Distribution: Assisting in the positioning of products and services, developing customer-oriented marketing and sales concepts, and optimizing existing solutions


Operational Excellence in Production & Processes: Aiding companies in resource optimization, process standardization, shortening throughput times, and smooth interface management to secure clear efficiency and competitive advantages​.


Financial Consulting & Mergers and Acquisitions: This encompasses support in strategic financial decisions, investment projects, operative financial management, and guidance through the process of mergers and acquisitions, including finding suitable partners for buying or selling and ensuring future-proof succession​.


Quality Management & Human Resources: Encompassing the entire quality management process from planning to ongoing control and steering, as well as connecting corporate interests with employee requirements to create long-lasting value, from strategic orientation to efficient execution of all HR measures. This category also includes economic promotion, partnering with regions and communities to develop and implement successful economic promotion concepts and measures​.

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